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QA Engineer

Skilled in white-box, functional, non-functional, usability, recovery, availability, environment, configuration, installation and deployment testing, and regression testing. Executes API tests for expected responses of endpoints/microservices and End-to-End testing.





Goals & tasks

  • During the analysis and definition of the User Stories of a digital product, analyze alternatives, propose the Acceptance Criteria.

  • During the planning stage, prepare detailed test plans, cases, and data to be automated as much as possible.

  • Perform white box, functional, non-functional, usability, recovery and availability, environment, configuration, installation and deployment tests, and finally regression tests.

  • Run API tests for expected responses from endpoints/microservices and End to End tests.

  • Schedule a daily follow-up of test results and timely report blocking cases.

  • Define and validate the acceptance criteria of the user stories developed.

  • Poseer conocimientos de estructura de bases de datos y lenguaje SQL y funcionamiento de protocolo HTTP.

  • Automate unit or functional or API tests.

  • Experience with web application and mobile application testing techniques, including stress, load and security testing.

  • Lead the Acceptance Tests with the end users, as well as the required training and training.



  • Minimum 2 years experience in the position, using Selenium (Java).

  • Experience with Swagger, Postman, SOAP and HTTP protocol. 

  • Experience with Unit/Functional/API Test Automation.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge in SQL and DDBB structure.

  • Basic experience with programming and scripting languages (Bash, Java, Python or Ruby).

  • Experience with functional testing and acceptance testing automation tools and techniques such as Selenium, Appium, Cypress, BDD, Cucumber or similar. 

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