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This professional will be part of a team of UI and Devs that will create and implement the Design System components in the client's applications so that they have a consistent design and provide a great user experience using React.js and Vue.js.





Goals & tasks

  • Implement and iterate with the Product Design and Development team in an agile environment.

  • Being involved in all phases of development (from analysis and specifications to testing and deployment).

  • Ensure the on-time delivery of development deliverables, demonstrating passion and responsibility in the projects.

  • Model and develop the back-end of digital products following the Scrum guidelines.

  • Advanced use of technologies and frameworks for cache management.

  • Basic use of unit testing, integration and code analysis frameworks.

  • Implement product and data security mechanisms in at least the Top 10 risks according to OWASP principles.

  • Generation of technical documents for the development of the digital product using UML diagrams in an advanced way.

  • Define and configure an elastic scalable architecture for a digital product, based on functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Model and implement web services (APIs) and micro-services that will be used in the integration with the frontend.

  • Document the APIs you developed.

  • Integrate a digital product with third-party tools and platforms.

  • Installation, configuration and advanced use of relational and non-relational databases.

  • Optimize the digital product for maximum speed and scalability.

  • Advanced configuration of Linux-based servers.

  • Carry out the deployment of the backoffice and APIs.



  • Experience of more than 2 years in the position.

  • Experience with Python (Django/Flask) and Unittest/Pytest. 

  • Experience with Relational & Non-Relational DBs.

  • Experience with Linux and Microservices.

Nice to have

  • Use of frameworks, tools and technologies such as: PHP (Laravel, Symfony), NodeJS (ExpressJs, NestJs, KoaJs), Power Builder or similar.

  • Advanced use of technologies and frameworks for development with sockets such as WebSockets,, Firebase among others

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