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Senior Frontend developer


This professional will be part of a team of UI and Devs that will create and implement the Design System components in the client's applications so that they have a consistent design and provide a great user experience using React.js and Vue.js.

Python developer


Skilled in modeling & developing digital products using Scrum. Defining & configuring scalable architecture for digital products, based on functional & non-functional requirements. Proficient in modeling & implementing web services (APIs) & microservices to be used in frontend integration.

Mobile DevOps Engineer


Develop & maintain Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines for RedHat Linux & Windows using Ansible, Terraform & Packer. Automate deployment, configuration & management of software apps & infrastructure components using Ansible. Design & implement Terraform configurations to create & manage cloud infrastructure resources in Azure.

QA Engineer


Skilled in white-box, functional, non-functional, usability, recovery, availability, environment, configuration, installation and deployment testing, and regression testing. Executes API tests for expected responses of endpoints/microservices and End-to-End testing.

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